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19 December 2023

Создаём активность на серверах Oracle free tier

Надо как то защитить сервер на Oracle, что бы не инстанс не отключали из за новой политики Oracle Reclamation of Idle Compute Instances

Idle Always Free compute instances may be reclaimed by Oracle. Oracle will deem virtual machine and bare metal compute instances as idle if, during a 7-day period, the following are true:

    CPU utilization for the 95th percentile is less than 20%
    Network utilization is less than 20%
    Memory utilization is less than 20% (applies to A1 shapes only)

Хотят нагрузку на cpu - делаем: cpu.js

import Cpu from "./cpu.js";
new Cpu(20);


tags: nodejs - cpu